Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Brother Bubbie

Yes Sir Ree... You read that correctly. Bubbie is going to be a big brother!! I found out a few weeks ago & to be honest, I'm pretty excited. Nervous, this one wasn't exactly planned, but I'm still happy.

We are pretty sure that I am about 8 weeks along and due at the end of June. The only doctor's appointment I have had so far is my pregnancy confirmation visit but we will plan our first prenatal visit as soon as we're in Virginia.

So, with the exciting new information I've just shared, I'm going to get going. I'm super sleepy & Bubbie is napping at the moment.

Catch everyone soon,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Been a While

First off let me apoligize for not being around or writing much lately. However, things have been C.R.A.Z.Y.

After I got to feeling better from having my Gallbladder removed Bubbie & I made a trip to Charlotte. (It's about a 3 hour drive for us) The trip was mainly to take care of some Power of Attorney & house maintenance things for my aunt but it seems that, like every other weekend visit, everyone wants our time as well. Maybe it's the adorable kid that I have been blessed with but still... trying to fit EVERYTHING into one weekend is never each. Or possible for that matter. Not to mention, there is no internet connection at my moms... EeK!

Returning home and back to the groove of things I thought that I would get some time to come back and write. I even sat down to attempt it a time or two. But it just never happened. & then- The Bubbie got sick.

See, my kid hardly ever gets sick. I'm sure it's just because he stays at home with me most of the time but still. Being as though he rarely gets sick & he's such an A+ kinda kid... when he is sick, it can get UGLY. Bubbie gets Cranky, Mommie gets Crabby. Bubbie gets No Sleep, Mommie gets even more Crabby. The 104.8 temperature in the beginning didn't help my sanity either. That's way high & had me freaking out until they got it lowered at the ER by giving him Mortin and Tylenol at once.

A week later and my little one is feeling 100% again. Much to my dismay though... I believe he's about to teeth some more. Yay... NOT! lol...

So yeah- it's been rough but I think I'm finally feeling like getting back into the groove. Have lots of things planned to have on here. Some projects, some Consignment Giveaways, & who knows what else. Maybe even some Halloween stuff. Tis' the Ghoulish season after all.

Till then!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Memory of a True Hero


Being a Military Spouse bonds are formed & friendships are made. Even with people who we really do not know from adam. It comes with the brotherhood of our spouses. However, sometimes these bonds are formed in the response of the ultimate tragedy. The ultimate sacrifice. This would be how I came to know Patricia Sherman. Widow of Sgt. Benjamin Sherman & mother of 6 month old Skye (whom never got to meet her daddy). You can imagine how rough life gets, but Patricia & Skye keep on trucking. Inspiring all who know their story. Be it on a personal level or just from hearing about them. And believe it or not, Ben Sherman still continues to inspire & help others even in his passing. In Memory of Sgt. Benjamin Sherman on Facebook.

That is what has happened to Kathy Flynn. She is currently training for the Maine Coast Half Marathon & raising money that will go directly towards the Fisher House of Boston. She is doing so In Memory of Sgt. Benjamin Sherman. For more information about the Fisher House of Boston simply click HERE. Basically, Fisher Houses provide homes away from home for the military and their families in time of stress. When their loved ones are seriously injuried, ill, or while making plans for funeral arrangements after the passing of a loved one.


For more information about Kathy's efforts to raise money for the Fisher House of Boston, and/or to make a donation, simply go HERE. Even if you are not able to donate at the time, please pass this link on.

Thank you!
& remember: Always Keep Our Military Families in your thoughts & prayers